December 13, 2019

Start of Construction of Singapore-Myanmar-India Submarine Cable

Orient Link Pte. Ltd. (Singapore; CEO: Yoshio Sato)*, a joint venture owned by Fund Orient Link Pte. Ltd. (Singapore; CEO: Yoshio Sato)*, a joint venture owned by Fund Corporation for the Overseas Development of Japan’s ICT and Postal Services (hereinafter, “JICT”) (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshiyuki Fukuda), jointly with NTT Worldwide Telecommunications Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kenichiro Iida) and WEN Capital Pte. Ltd. (Singapore; Director: Lim Soon Foo), will start construction of an optical submarine cable that connects Singapore, Myanmar and India from December 2019.

In the Southeast Asia region, global communication traffic is growing due to remarkable economic growth and the rising use of smartphones, and demand for connectivity among global data centers also appears to be increasing. In response to such strong demand, the NTT Group, which operates an optical submarine cable business globally, will move forward with the construction of optical submarine cables in the Southeast Asia region, with the support of JICT. This is expected to bolster Japan’s international competitiveness in the infrastructure business involving optical submarine cables in general. 

JICT will continue supporting Japanese companies’ overseas business development in the areas of information and communications, broadcasting and postal services. 

Overview of the submarine cable

  1. Name: MIST
  2. Designed capacity: 240Tbps/12FP maximum(including future expansion)
  3. Total length: Approx. 11,000Km(including future expansion)
  4. Initial landing points: Singapore, Myanmar, India (Mumbai, Chennai)
  5. Total projected investment: Approx. 400 million U.S. dollars
  6. Planned operational Launch: June 2022

* The planned cable route is as shown on the next page.

Please refer to the news release concerning the establishment of the joint venture (October 10).

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